The MARAL company has been established in 1995. A main interest was build operation for production of frozen bakery and extend the range of bakery products for wide network of consumers.


Manufacture of bakery is aimed on frozen puff pastry and pastry produced in deep freeze (shock) state, which means freezing temperature is -40 °C . Range is divided into sweet, salty, cereal, pre-baked, ordinary pastry, pre-baked frozen breads and Frozen patisserie products.


Our products are intended for baking in all kinds domestic and bakery ovens.


We supply:

  • bakeries
  • Pastry shops
  • pizzerias
  • food stalls
  • shops
  • Supermarkets

Consumer products are supplied in packs of 50 or 100 pieces. We supply our products to collection point . The transport is included in product price.


The company also offer the technological equipment for baking products according to our coustomers request. For our coustomers we offer as part of cooperation free training and hiring technology. For moore please contact us by phone or email. (contact info).


In 2011 Ing. Katarína Remáková and MARAL company granted a honorable prize from the ministry of economy and ministry of labour and social affairs and family for responsible Business and significant contribution to economy and employment of slovak republic + foto